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Breton Tongue Twisters

1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters © 1996-2015 by Mr.Twister

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C’hwec’h merc’h gwerc’h war c’hwec’h marc’h kalloc’h o tougen c’hwec’h sac’h kerc’h.


Pa ri ti to, to pa ri ti.


Santegadenn on, ha ne zisantegadennin ket 'keit ha ne vo ket disantegadennet an holl santegadennezed.

Santeg is a small town in northern Brittany

Rough Translations

  1. up Six virgins on six stallions bear six bags of oats. German: Sechs Jungfrauen auf sechs Hengsten tragen sechs Säcke mit Hafer. French: Six vierges à six étalons portent six sacs d’avoine. Dutch: Zes maagden op zes hengsten dragen zes zakken haver.
  2. up Cover (that) when you make the house, when you make the house cover (that). French: Quand tu fais ta maison, couvre là, couvre quand tu fais ta maison.
  3. up I'm from Santeg and I will not be un-santegized as long as all others from Santeg are not un-santegized. French: Je suis de Santeg et je ne serai pas "désanteguisée" tant que toutes les santegadennezed ne seront pas désantéguisées


Thomas Jean Alain, William Knox, Karel F. Treebus


Ethnologue, Languages of the World: Breton

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