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Lithuanian Tongue Twisters

1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters © 1996-2015 by Mr.Twister

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Geri vyrai gerą girą girioj gere.


Geri vyrai gerą girą geria, gerdami giria.


Šešios žąsys su šešiais žąsiukais.


Pakopa po pakopos, pakopa po pakopos, pakopa po pakopos mes kopiame aukštyn.


Gervė gyrūnė gyrėsi gerą girą geroj girioj gerai gėrusi.


Bliuds pludur vidur pruda, puta pludur vidur bliuda.

Zemaiciai dialect of Lithuania




Orangutangas su orangutangiukais


lėkiau, lėkiau, lėkiau - kiaulė, kiaulė, kiaulė


orangutangiukas ar hipopotamiukas,
orangutangiukas ir hipopotamiukas,
orangutangiukas ar hipopotamiukas ...


Rasa rašalu rašo, kad paršas pašaro prašo.


Dievas deve dantis, Dievas duos ir duona.

Rough Translations

  1. up Good men, in good wood, were drinking good kwass.
  2. up Good men drink excellent kvass, while the drink they praise it.
  3. up Six geese with six goslings.
  4. up Step by step, step by step, step by step we're climbing up.
  5. up The boasting crane boasted of drinking some good kvass in a good forest.
  6. up A bowl floats in a pond, a bit of foam floats in the bowl.
  7. up in those, of masculine gender, who aren't gathering enough wood sorrel by themselves anymore
  8. up Orang-outang with baby orang-outangs
  9. up I hurtled (lėkiau), I hurtled, I hurtled - pig (kiaulė), pig, pig. (play of words and sounds)
  10. up orangutan baby or hippopotamus baby, orangutan baby and hippopotamus baby, orangutan baby or hippopotamus baby ...
  11. up Rasa (name) writes in ink, that pig asks for food.
  12. up God gave teeth, God will also give bread.


Gitana, Jurgis Butkus, Grazvydas Jakubauskas, Monika Juzonyte, Jan Kiezebrink, Jurate Rekeviciute, Ricardas Rickevicius, Mantas Salatka, Monika Spijker, Vytautas Virganavicius


Ethnologue, Languages of the World: Lithuanian

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